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Dahi Kebab (Yogurt Kebab) Recipe

This Kebab originated in Kishengarh (Rajasthan). It is made with hung-yogurt Besan, and spices

A dip is made with the same spices as the yogurt kebab. The dip may be poured over the Kebab after cooked or served on side.

What is a Kebab?



Yogurt Patties

1. Whole milk yogurt (Dahi): 4 Cups

2. Saffron: 8 strands

3. Milk: 2 Tablespoons

4. Besan: ½ cup

5. Ground Cloves: ½ teaspoon

6. Ground black pepper: ½ teaspoon

7. Ground Cinnamon: 1 teaspoon

8. Ground Cayenne: 1 teaspoon

9. Salt: ½ teaspoon or to taste


Pan Fry

Ghee: ½ Cup



1. Finely chopped onion: 2 cups

2. Mince Garlic: 1 Tablespoon

3. Ground Cinnamon: ¼ teaspoon

3. Ground Cloves: ¼ teaspoon

4. Ground Cardamom: ¼ teaspoon

5. Ground Cayenne: ½ teaspoon

6. Salt: ¼ teaspoon

7. Yogurt: ½ cup



Yogurt Patties

1. Hung yogurt is the key to this recipe. Put yogurt in a muslin cloth and hang to drain. It will be reduced to about 2 cups in hour hours.

2. Put milk and saffron together. Heat for 20 seconds on high. If you don't have microwave, heat milk on stove top and add saffron. Wait about 10 minutes so the saffron is infused.

3. Add hung yogurt, saffron and remaining ingredients. Knead like a stiff dough to make Chapati. If needed add a little more Besan. Make small patties, about 4" round ½" to ¾" thick.

4. Store in refrigerator for about two hours. This allows the spices to blend in and the patties to set.

Pan Fry

Heat Ghee in a pan and pan fry patties till golden brown.


Use ghee from pan frying. Sauté onions till edges turn brown. Add remaining ingredients. Cook on low heat for 10 minutes. Stir frequently to avoid scorching.


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