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Indian Spices Herbs Hindi to English Names

Herbs and spices (Fresh and dried) are listed in alphabetical order of their names in Hindi. English names and substitutions are given where appropriate

Sweeteners, Cooking oils fats Covered in other lists

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Hindi Name

English Name

Adrak Fresh Ginger
Ajwain Carom seed. Substitution: Thyme
Amchoor (Amchur) Dried Mango powder. Also called Khatai. Substitution: Citric Acid
Amjud Celery
Amla Emblica. Indian Gooseberry.
Anar-daana Pomegranate seeds.
Chakra Phool Star Anise
Dalchini Cinnamon.
Dalchini, Jungli Cassia. Substitution: Cinnamon
Dhania Dried Coriander seeds
Dhania, Hara Patta Fresh Cilantro
Dhania, Sukha Patta Dried Coriander leafs
Elaichi Green Cardamom
Elaichi, Bari Black Cardamom,
Elaichi, Choti Green Cardamom
Goal Mirch, Kali Black peppercorn
Goal Mirch, Safed White peppercorn
Goal Mirch, Pilli Green peppercorn Its Yellowish Green
Goal Mirch, Lal Lal peppercorn
Gond Katira Katira Tree sap Gum
Gulab Jal Rose Water
Haldi Turmeric
Hing Asafoetida. A tree sap fried and crumbled to powder
Imli Tamarind.
Jaifal (Jaiphal) Nutmeg.
Javitri Mace.
Jeera Cumin seed
Jeera, Safed Cumin seed
Jeera, Shahi Black Cumin. Also known as Himali Jeera, Kala Jeera
Kala Namak Black Rock salt, Also called Sanchal
Kalonji Nigella seeds, Also called Wild Onion seeds
Kamarkas Sage
Kari Patta Curry leaf. Also called Meetha Neem Patta
Kesar Saffron. Also called Zaafraan
Kewra Screwpine Essence
Khas Essence from the roots of Vetiver grass
Khus-khus Poppy Seeds
Kokum Garcinia indica
Lassun Fresh Garlic.
Laung Cloves. Also called Lavang
Makhna Popped Lotus seeds
Methi Fenugreek Seeds
Methi, Hari Fresh Fenugreek Leaves
Methi, Kasoori Dried Fenugreek Leaves
Maval petals Cock's comb. Substitution: Yellow Red Food Color Additive
Mirch, Degi Kashmir Paprika, Substitution: Hungarian Paprika
Mirch, Kali Ground Black Pepper
Mirch, Lal Red Chili pepper, Substitution: Cayenne pepper
Mirch, Hari Fresh Green Chili Pepper, Substitution: Serrano
Mishri Rock candy
Mulathi Liquorice root. Also known as Jethi-madh
Nimboo (Nimbu) Fresh Lime. In India Lime is also called as lemon
Nimboo Phool Citric Acid
Namak Salt
Pippali Long Pepper. Substitution: Cayenne Pepper
Podina Fresh Peppermint leaves
Rai Black Mustard seeds
Rai, Kuria Cracked Black Mustard seeds
Ratan Jot Alkanet Root. Substitution: Red Color Food additive
Sarson Mustard seeds
Saunf Anise. Anise is same as Aniseed
Saunf, Choti Anise. Anise is same as Aniseed
Saunf, Patli Anise. Anise is same as Aniseed
Saunf, Moti Fennel seed
Saunf, Vilaiti Anise. Anise is same as Aniseed
Sirka Vinegar
Soa Dill
Sumaq Sumac. Substitutition: Citric acid
Tej Patta Indian Bay leaf
Tulsi Holy Basil. Substitution: Sweet Basil
In South India, Split Decorticated Legumes (Urad Dal, Moong Dal, and Chana Dal) are also used as spices to make dishes such as Rasam and Sambhar.


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