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What is Chikki (Nut Brittle)?


Chikki is a common form of Nut brittle in India. Chikki is made with split-peanuts Cashew-halves Whole-almonds

In addition to nuts, roasted chick peas may be used


In the olden days, Shakar (raw cane sugar) was put in a heavy iron Karahi (Indian wok). The Shakar was melted, and the nuts added. Cooking was continued to a suitable crystal formation to make brittle. I have modified it slightly to give better predictable results Peanut Jaggery Chikki Brittle Recipe. Nowadays, the brittle is made with white sugar to get a lighter color. In India, we add Glucose, while in United States Corn syrup is added. Baking soda is added to make it light. Peanut Sugar Chikki Brittle Recipe.


Step by step, the basic process to make Chikki follows:


Step 1. Roast nuts


Step 2. Add salt to the roasted nuts


Step 3. Prepare Sugar syrup of Hardball (265 F) consistency.

Normally, the syrup is made with jaggery. You may use Table sugar for lighter color fudge. If you use sugar, add Glucose syrup such as Corn syrup to control crystallization.


Step 4: Add roasted nuts and seed. Heat to Soft crack (290 F) consistency.


Step 5: Add Baking soda and flavorings

Baking soda causes foaming. It makes it lighter. Flavoring agents such as Cinnamon, Cardamom may be added. Lay it out in a greased pan. You may even experiment with Cayenne pepper.


Step 6: Let it cool.


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