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How are Papad made? Papad Making? Paaperdum

Papad making was a favorite pastime in Punjab, where female members of a family or a neighborhood would gather and make Papad. This is a dying art in India.

In South India, Papad are called Paaperdum

Papad is a sun-dried spicy thin cookie made of black beans. Papad are either deep fried, or roasted over open fire and ate as accompaniment with meal. Cooked Papad are cracker like thin wafer.



1. Urad flour extra-fine: 1 Pound

2. Salt: 1 Tablespoon

3. Baking soda: 2 teaspoon (Optional)

4. Asafoetida powder: teaspoon

5. Black peppercorn, cracked: 1 Tablespoon

6. Crushed hot red peppers: 2 teaspoon

7. Water: 6 Tablespoons

8. Fresh Garlic, peeled ground: 2 teaspoon

9. Peanut oil: 2 Tablespoon



1. Combine dry ingredients: Flour, Salt, Baking Soda, Asafoetida, Black peppercorn, Crushed red peppers

2. Combine Water and Garlic. Pour over dried ingredients. Mix and knead to make a stiff dough. Let it rest about one hour

3. Add peanut oil to dough. Knead again

4. Make 10 equal size balls.

5. Roll out each ball in to a rope. Cut rope into 5 segments.

6. Roll out each segment into a 7" round cookie. Use Urad flour to dust the rolling surface and rolling pin.

7. Spread out one deep only in hot-sun to dry. It may take two days for the Papad to bone-dry. One pound of flour will yield 50 Papad.


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