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What is Haleem?

Haleem originated in Iran and Afghanistan region. This Persian dish was introduced to India during Akbar period. We can find the early documented recipes from the royal kitchen of Akbar in Akbarnama

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Keshkek and Harissa are varieties of Haleem.


Haleem is also spelled as Halim. Literally, Haleem mean 'Patient and Merciful'. It is served for breakfast during the month of Moharram and Ramadan, considered ideal to break the fast.

In Pakistan, Haleem is made with Beef or Mutton

In India, Haleem is made with Goat or Buffalo.


Haleem is made of Mutton, Wheat, Legumes (Split chickpeas known as 'Chana Dal', skinless split Moong beans known as 'Dhuli Moong Dal', Split skinless Lentils known as 'Lal Masoor Dal') and spices.

In the olden days, Wheat berries were crushed in hand operated stone flour mill (Chakki) to make cracked wheat called Dalia. The mutton was chopped coarse similar to minced or ground meat. The chopped mutton was fried with spices, pre-soaked legumes and water were added. The mixture was brought to a boil. Covered with a tight fitting lid. It was left to cook simmer overnight on low heat maintaining a temperature of 185 F to 194 F. In the morning (after about six to eight hours), the mixture had turned into a thick soup, an aromatic flavorful grainy textured blend of meat, wheat and legumes.

The garnishing and accompaniments are as important as the dish itself.

For garnishing, caramelized onions chopped fresh cilantro, peppermint, hot green chili peppers and Garam Masala are used

For Lime wedges, Radish, Fresh Ginger sticks, Thin slices of onions are commonly used to accompany the dish

Haleem Stew Style Pressure Cooker Recipe

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Lamb Haleem Old fashioned


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