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What is Bhang Ganja Charas?

Cannabis sativa (Hemp) is a narcotic used in India over centuries. In India It is illegal to sell Bhang except for government authorized stores. Consumption and cultivation of Cannabis is illegal in United States.

Bhang is used in the worship of Lord Shiva. It is a tradition to consume Bhang on Holi specially on the Shivaratri. II will discuss what I knew living in Rajasthan during 1940s, and 1950s.


These are large green leaves and flowering shoots of either the male or the female plants. In most of the recipes, only the leaves are used. Bhang is not used for smoking. It is used to make beverages such as Thandai, Lassi, and Halwa. Bhang can also be used in making Vegetable Pakora. The problem is that oil used for frying becomes laced with the narcotic chemical.


Ganja is made from the top leaves and unfertilized flower of young female plant. The leaves and unfertilized flowers are dried and used. Ganja is used for smoking and can be brewed like a tea to make Masala Chai.

Ganja has higher amount of narcotic material than Bhang. When a bhang field is cultivated for Ganja or Charas, the male plants are isolated and used up to make Bhang. This prevents the flowers to in to seeding.

Charas (Hashish)

Charas is the resin extracted from the top leaves and unfertilized flower of young female plant. The leaves and flowers are rubbed in the hands. The resin stuck to the hand is collected.


Marijuana in Untied stated consists of leaves and flowers of both the male and female plants. Marijuana is used for smoking and making brownies.


The oil is extracted and used to make soap.


The stem has a very strong fiber, that's why it is not used in making beverages or desserts. The fiber is used to make ropes, and weave carpets.

THC facts

There is hair-like growth on the leaves, stem, and the flowers. This hair growth exude a sticky substance that contains the active narcotic chemical (THC).
1. The male plant generates lower amount of THC than female plant.
2. The THC levels start to drop significantly, as the flowers of the female plants are fertilized to produce seeds.
3. Part of THC is water soluble, remainder is fat soluble. For optimum THC extraction, I use both the water and the Ghee.
For optimum THC, cook the leaves and flowers of the unfertilized female plant in Ghee and water.


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