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What is the difference between Kulfi and Ice cream?

User should compare Pista Kulfi Traditional Recipe, Pista Kulfi Quick Easy Recipe , and Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe. The methods illustrate the Ice crystal and emulsification. 

Technically, frozen yogurt is either a Kulfi or an Ice cream. See How to make frozen yogurts .



How to make Kulfi?

Kulfi Recipe

Pista Kulfi Traditional Recipe

Pista Kulfi Quick Easy Recipe

Kulfi is made with flour, milk/cream, sugar, flavorings, and nuts. The mixture is reduced to paste consistency and put in a canister. The canister is sealed, and put in an ice bath with salt. After the Kulfi is frozen, the canister is wrapped with multiple layers of felt cloth for insulation. At home, individual serve size molds with sealable lids are used.

You can use Ice Cream mixture to make Kulfi.


Ice Cream

How to make Ice cream?

Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Saffron Ice-cream Recipe

Kewra Ice cream Recipe

Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe


Ice cream is made with milk/cream, sugar, eggs, flavorings, and fruits. A canister is filled with the ice cream mixture. The canister is put in an ice bath with salt. A paddle in the canister is rotated to introduce air in the ice cream mixture as it is being frozen.


In Kulfi, there is no paddle, therefore Kulfi is technically 'still'.

You can not use Kulfi mixture to make Ice cream


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