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How to choose a yogurt maker?

Yogurt maker is a misnomer. Accurate name would be yogurt incubator to permit fermentation of seeded milk
Chemistry behind making Dahi yogurt

You still have to heat the milk to 200F for about two minutes to change the protein structures. Then cool the milk down to about 115F. When the milk is at 115F, you need to add the culture.

Now, we transfer it to yogurt maker for incubation. You may need to let it incubate from 6 to 10 hours.

The yogurt makers have a built in heating element and a thermostat to maintain temperature around 100F. Un fortunately, most of the yogurt makers do not automatically shut off. This is a simple feature that can be provided by most of the manufacturers. It will prevent over-fermenting. An experienced person can easily figure how long to incubate.

Most of the yogurt makers have a capacity of 4 to 8 cups. Some of the units have one large container, while the others have about 6 serving size cups. Units with one large container are cheaper and easier to maintain. You can always scoop out the amount of Yogurt you need to use.


My wish

I wish a manufacturer will actually make a yogurt maker and not just an incubator. It can be easily done. Include heating to 190F to change protein structure, and then hold it at 110F. Heating milk to 190F will not cause boil-over. The units has to hold the temperature at 190F for 5 minutes to change protein structure. Then, turn off the heating element, to let the milk cool down to 110F, turn the heating element and hold the milk at 110F. A small fan may be incorporated to expedite cooling. When the milk has cooled down to 110F, sound an alarm to add the culture and set a timer for incubation period. Automatically shut off the unit after the incubation timer has expired.


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