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How to use conventional home oven as a Tandoor

You can use your gas or electric conventional oven as a Tandoor with Pizza Stones, Ceramic tiles, or Clay pots


Pizza Stones

Pizza stones are made of compacted sand. These stones are about 18"x18" to make a standard 12" pizza.  Place the cold stone on the lower shelf of the cold oven. Turn on the oven to 450 F or higher if possible to 500 F. It will take about 25 to 40 minutes to heat the stone.

Do NOT cook food directly on top of the Stone. The stone is porous and will absorb food flavors specially if you are making Tandoori Chicken or Prawns. It will be difficult to clean these stains or get rid of the odors. Most of the grocery stores in United States, sell 12" round Aluminum Pizza baking trays. Use these trays for food to be cooked. Aluminum helps the tray to heat up quickly and distribute the heat evenly.

After cooking, shut off the oven. Let the stone cool down before removing it.


If your home range has a large oven with two racks, use two stones. Place one stone on the top rack and the other on the bottom rack. Turn on your oven to 450 F or higher to 500 F if possible, and preheat it for 45 minutes. Now you have emulated a Tandoor oven cavity between these hot stones.


Unglazed Ceramic tiles

If you cant find a Pizza Stone, visit a home improvement store. Buy unglazed ceramic tiles that measures 15"x15". These tiles are safe, and you can use them just like a Pizza Stone.


Clay Pots

There are many clay pots being brought in from Mexico. Check you label to make sure they food safe. Do Not use a pot that is not food safe, it may have lead or other poisonous stuff in it. Most of the pots in Gardening area are NOT food safe. Once you have found a suitable clay pot, use it same as the Pizza stone.


Oh yes! Of course bake your pizza in this emulated Tandoor.


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