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Sohan Halwa (Corn Starch Halva) Recipe

This fudge like confection is made with Makki Atta (Corn flour) nuts dried-fruits sugar milk and Ghee

I have used Corn Starch for lack of availability of white corn flour


What is Halwa (Halva)?

Unlike other grain flours, corn starch is is actually not fried in Ghee.



Sweet Slurry

1. Water: 3 Cups

2. Milk: 1 Cup 
3. Sugar: 3 Cups 
4. Cardamom seeds: teaspoon 
5. Saffron: 6 strands

Cooking Halwa

7. Water: 1 Cup

6. Corn Starch (Makki Atta): 2 Cups
7. Ghee: 2 Cups
8. Sliced Almonds: Cup 
9. Split Cashews: Cup 
10. Raisins: Cup



Prepare sweet slurry

1. Mix water, milk, sugar, cardamom seeds. Bring to a boil. Add saffron. Shut off heat. Cover. Set aside for about 10 minutes to let aromas infuse.

Cooking Halwa

1. Mix one cup of water and 2 cups of corn starch. Transfer it to sweet slurry.

2. Turn on heat. It will start to get thick like a gravy. As it starts to thicken turn down heat.

3. Add Ghee cup at a time. Stir till all the Ghee is consumed.

4. Continue cooking till forms in to a bread dough type consistency. The Ghee will separate,

5. Turn off heat. Stir in dried nuts and fruits.

6. Transfer the contents to greased pan. Smooth top with spatula.


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