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Peanut Jaggery Chikki (Brittle) Recipe

In India peanut brittle is called Chikki made with Jaggery (Raw sugar-cane sugar) and peanuts

Modern Peanut Brittle recipe



1. Dry roasted salted Peanuts shelled halves: 2 Cups

2. Jaggery: 1 Cup

3. Water: 2 Tablespoons

4. Ghee: 1 teaspoon



1. Combine Jaggery and water in a heavy bottom sauce pan. Bring it a boil. The experience Halwaii knows from the bubbles on the bottom, when the syrup is ready. Instead we will use a candy thermometer. Heat to 260F.

2. Combine roasted nuts and Ghee. Heat it to 290F.

3. Line a baking sheet pan with a parchment paper. Butter the parchment paper with Ghee or Butter.

4. Pour mixture on to the sheet pan. Use the wooden spoon and flatten it out to about " thick slab. You want it done while the mixture is hot.

5. Let it cool completely before breaking in to pieces.


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