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Gond ke Laddu Laddoo Ladoo Recipe

Made with whole grain wheat flour Char Magaz (nuts)  Gond (Edible tree Sap) sugar and spices

The dish is normally prepared for nursing mother to help with lactation and nutrients for the child. It is believed that 'Char Magaz' enhances the brain of the child. The Kasoori Patta (Dried Fenugreek leaf) and Fenugreek seed powder aid in the lactation. This desserts originates from Rajasthan (North India). There is a lot of frying in Ghee as well as dry roasting involved in this dish. You should have two heavy bottom pans, one for dry roasting, and the other of Ghee frying.



1. Ghee (Clarified butter): 1 Cup
2. Almonds: cup
3. Cantaloupe Seeds: 2 Tablespoons
4. Watermelon seeds: 2 Tablespoons
5. Pumpkin seeds: 2 Tablespoons
6. Cashew halves: Cup
7. Ginger finely chopped: 2 Inch
8. Gond: 2 Tablespoon
9. Whole wheat flour: 2 Cups
10. Fenugreek seed powder: 1 teaspoon

11. Dried ginger powder: 1 teaspoons
12. Salt: teaspoon
13. Raisins: Cup
14. Kasoori Patta: teaspoon
15. Sugar: 1 Cup



Step 1: In one heavy pan, add 4 Table spoon of Ghee. When hot, fry Almonds, Cantaloupe seeds, Pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, Cashews, Ginger, Gond one at a time to light aroma. Remove and place in mixing bowl. Powder the Gond.
Step 2: Sift Fenugreek seed powder, Dried ginger powder, salt, and whole wheat flour. 
Step 3: Add remaining Ghee, heat it and add the Flour mix. Roast flour to nutty aroma. Add this to mixture in step 1. 
Step 4: Mix the remaining ingredients except sugar.

Step 5: Process sugar in a food processor to a fine powder. Add to mixture. Combine well.

Step 6. Let the mixture cool so it is still hot enough to be handled by bare hand. Now form balls about the size of Golf balls squeezing as tight as possible. As the ghee cools, the ball will start getting firm. 


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