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Kachi Haldi Achar (Fresh Turmeric Rhizome Pickle)

Fresh Turmeric rhizome (Kachi Haldi) pickle is more common in South India than North India. Picking spices and methods are similar

This is North Indian version. Both Turmeric and Ginger rhizomes are peeled and grated very coarse. If you want you can cut into " thick slices or matchsticks.



1. Fresh Lime Juice: cup (Juice from fresh large 8 to 9 limes)

2. Fenugreek seeds: 1 teaspoon

3. Cracked Mustard seeds (Rai Kuria): 1 Tablespoon

4. Cayenne Pepper: 1 Tablespoon

5. Asafoetida powder: 1 teaspoon

6. Ajwain: 1 teaspoon

7. Fine grain sea salt: 1 Tablespoon

8. Brown Sugar Packed: 2 Tablespoons

9. Fresh Turmeric rhizomes peeled and grated:1 Cups

10. Fresh Ginger root peeled and grated: Cup

11. Fresh Serrano, chopped: 16

Remove white pith and seeds to reduce heat if desired

12. Mustard Oil: cup



1. Mix all ingredients except vegetables (Turmeric Ginger and Serrano) and Mustard oil in heavy bottom pan. Bring it to a Boil. Turn down heat

2. Add Turmeric Ginger and Serrano. Stir. Heat till temperature reaches 180 F. Simmer at this temperature for 5 to 10 minutes. Let it cool to room temperature.

3. Transfer the mixture to wide-mouth Pickling Crock (stoneware)

4. Heat Mustard oil to a smoking point. Turn off heat. Let it cool to room temperature

5. Pour Mustard oil over pickle mixture. Tie cheese cloth to the wide-mouth. Let the pickle age for 8 days at room temperature.

6. Remove the cheese cloth. Close the crocks with sterilized well fitted lid. Store in the refrigerator. Pickle should be good for about 2 months


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