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Cranberry Chutney Conserve Karonda Style Recipe

Karonda (Natal Plum) is similar to Cranberry in USA. In North India Karonda is pickled made into Chutney and Murabba

In United States Cranberry sauce is traditional on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Next time, surprise your American guest with Indian Cranberry sauce. I have modified traditional recipe by eliminating Pomegranates. The Indian attitude is evident with the mango and a hint of peppermint.


1. Water: 1 Cup

2. White Sugar: Cup

3. Brown Sugar: Cup

4. Cranberries: 12 oz

5. Mango: 1 Peeled, de-pitted, cubed

6. White Vinegar: Cup

7. Golden raisins: cup

8. Dates chopped: cup

9. Ginger 1"x" peeled thinly sliced

10. Cinnamon sticks cracked: teaspoon

11. Cloves cracked: Pinch

12. Bay leaf: 2

13. Fresh peppermint leaf: 2 to 4 chopped


1. Add white sugar, brown sugar and water to a pan. Bring it to a boil till all the sugars are dissolved.

2. Add remaining ingredients. Cook till the cranberries start to pop open. It will take about 15 to twenty minutes.

3. Transfer the Chutney to a glass bowl. Cool to room temperature.


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