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Chicken Kashmir (Kashmiri Murgh) Recipe

Chicken is cooked in yogurt with aromatic spices, finished with ground cashes texturing sauce, and sultana (seedless golden raisins)

This is a mild curry with just a hint of tomatoes.

You can use whole or chicken breast. I have elected to use skinless boneless chicken thighs



1. Onions Peeled chopped: 2

2. Garlic cloves Peeled: 2

3. Fresh ginger Peeled chopped: 2"x1"

4. Ghee: cup

5. Skinless boneless chicken thighs: 3 pounds

6. Black peppercorns: 10

7. Green cardamoms cracked open : 8

8. Cinnamon sticks, broken in half 2" long: 1

9. Cayenne powder: teaspoon

10. Salt: teaspoon

11. Turmeric powder: teaspoon

12. Roma tomatoes, chopped: 2

13. Regular plain yogurt: 1 cup

14. Cashews ground: cup

15. Coconut milk: cup (Optional)

16. Sultana (seedless golden raisins)): cup



1. Grind onions garlic and ginger in food processor. Set Onion Garlic Ginger (OGG) paste aside

2. Heat Ghee in a heavy bottom pan. Add OGG paste. fry till onions are translucent and start to turn brown

3. Add chicken. Continue frying till al sides of chicken have turned white and start to turn brown

4. Add Peppercorn, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cayenne, Turmeric and salt. Fry about 2 minutes

5. Add tomatoes. Fry till tomatoes are soft and pasty. about 5 minutes

6. Gradually add yogurt stirring continuously. Cover. simmer for about 20 minutes till chicken is tender

7. Stir- in coconut milk, ground cashews, and Raisins. Cover. simmer on low heat for about 15 minutes. Turn off heat. let it rest about 10 minutes


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