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Maida Substitutes - American flours


'All-purpose Flour', 'Pastry Flour', 'Whole wheat Pastry Flour', 'Cake flour' are widely considered as substitutes for Maida


In olden days, Maida was a Whole-grain flour made of soft white wheat, ground fine, minimum loss of ash. It is un-bleached. Nowadays, only the endosperm is ground making it more compatible with regular Pastry Flour available in United States.


Best Substitute: 'Whole-wheat Pastry flour'

'Whole-wheat Pastry flour' is the closest substitute for Maida, except that it is not stone ground.


Good Substitute: Pastry flour

Pastry flour is a white flour (bran and germ sifted out) made of soft wheat. Higher gluten than cake flour, lower gluten than All purpose flour, or 'Whole-wheat Pastry flour'


Acceptable Substitute: Un-bleached All-purpose flour

All-purpose flour is white flour (bran and germ sifted out) made with a combination of hard and soft wheat. It may be bleached, or un-bleached.


Un-acceptable substitute for either Atta, or Maida

Cake flour is white flour made of soft (Red, White, or Combination) wheat. It is the lowest gluten, no ash. It is bleached to support sugar without collapsing


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