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Khari Biscuit Recipe

Khari Biscuit is an Indian version of 'Rough Puff Pastry'



Rough Puff Pastry Dough

1. Unbleached All-Purpose flour: 2 cups

2. Salt: teaspoon

3. Unsalted Butter: 1 cup

4. Ghee cup

5. Cold Water: cup


1. Ghee: 2 Tablespoons

2. Ajwain : 1 teaspoon



Rough Puff Pastry

1. Sieve flour and salt

2. Cut butter into to " thick slices. Put over Flour. Toss flour and butter around. Do not knead

3. Add Ghee. Toss around the four. Do not knead

4. Flatten any large chunks of butter with a wooden spoon. Add cold water little at a time. press and turn dough. Continue pressing, turning rotating and adding water, till all the water is used up. The dough just hangs together. It may still have dry spots. Don't worry. Don't add extra water.

5. Form the dough into a rectangle and star rolling from end to end.

6. Roll out into a 8"x12" shape. Standard computer paper or copy paper is 8"x11". It should give you an idea.

7. Fold one third of the long side of pastry to middle of the oblong forming two layers, then fold the remaining third over. It resembles a business envelope 4"x8"

8. Turn around and fold to form a square about 4"x4"

9. Press down in the middle so there is no air. Press down on the edges. Let it rest in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes

Making Khari Biscuits

1. Roll out pastry dough to slightly thicker than " to a maximum of ". Cut 2"x 2" squares. Fold them over corner to corner to make triangles, or fold them side over side to make rectangles 2"x1". You may also roll out dough thicker and just cut into squares or diamonds.

2. Baste the top with melted ghee

3. Sprinkle Ajwain over the biscuits

4. Arrange biscuits on an un-greased cookie sheet leaving about " space in-between the biscuits. With a wooden-spoon slightly press the Ajwain in

5. Pre-heat oven to 400 F. Bake 15 minutes to let the pastry puff up. Then reduce the temperature to 350 F to finish baking for about 20 minutes till the pastry is lightly brown. Shut off oven.

6. Remove the cookie sheet and let it cool to room temperature.


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